Apple Vision Pro: First Impressions
February 7, 2024 By administrador

Apple Vision Pro: First Impressions

First impressions and the return of queues to Apple stores

The rise of Apple Vision Pro and the phenomenon of ‘Apple queues.’

The latest innovation has arrived and is generating insatiable interest among consumers in the United States: Apple Vision Pro. This anticipation has led to what many have dubbed the return of ‘Apple queues,’ where countless users have bravely waited for long hours in anticipation of being the first to acquire these revolutionary glasses.

Apple Vision Pro: First Impressions

The surge of Apple Vision Pro: a comfortable and smooth foray into augmented reality

After a week of using Apple Vision Pro, the overall feedback is one of satisfaction and excitement. Early users have praised the screen quality, device comfort, and smooth operation of the operating system. But what do people do with the glasses? It has been revealed that favorite applications include games, video calls, and web browsing.

Paradise Problems: Reports of overheating

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing with Apple Vision Pro. A small number of users have reported issues with overheating. This seems to be particularly prominent when the glasses are used for prolonged periods. Of course, Apple headquarters has acknowledged the situation and is working hard to resolve it.

Paradise Problems Apple Vision Pro

When are Apple Vision Pro coming to UK?

Apple Vision Pro in uk: When are they arriving? A question echoing among Apple fans in Uk is: when can we buy Apple Vision Pro? Unfortunately, there is still no specific date for its sale in the country. Therefore, patience is the only option, with an eye on updates.

It is advisable to visit the Apple website or reputable resellers like Shopdutyfree for updated information on the lowest prices for Apple Vision Pro.

Recommendations if you are considering acquiring Apple Vision Pro

If you’re thinking of joining the Apple Vision Pro revolution, consider reading reviews from other users and learning about their strengths and possible issues. In particular, it might be wise to wait for Apple to resolve the overheating issue before making a purchase.


In essence, Apple Vision Pro is at the center of attention for a reason. With its promise of an immersive augmented reality experience, it’s no wonder they are becoming a sensation. However, no product is without problems, and it’s important to go in with open eyes. In the case of Spain, a bit more waiting is required, but there’s hope that the wait will be worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of Apple Vision Pro?

In the United States, the price of Apple Vision Pro varies according to the device’s storage capacity. The 256GB version is priced at $3,499, the 512GB is sold for $3,699, and the 1TB is priced at $3,899. However, the official price for Apple Vision Pro in the Spanish market has not been disclosed.

Are Apple Vision Pro compatible with all Apple devices?

Apple Vision Pro has been designed to seamlessly integrate with the Apple product lineup. However, to make the most of its features, you may need a relatively recent model of an Apple device such as iPhone 14 and later, iPad Pro (third generation and later), iPad Air (fifth generation and later), and iPad mini (sixth generation and later).

Which applications are compatible with Apple Vision Pro?

Various applications, from games to productivity apps, have been optimized for Apple Vision Pro. We’ll tell you more about it in an upcoming entry.

How much continuous usage time can I have before experiencing overheating with Apple Vision Pro?

This can vary depending on the specific use of Apple Vision Pro, but some users have reported overheating issues after 2 to 3 hours of continuous use.

How can I stay informed about the availability of Apple Vision Pro in Spain?

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