iOS 18 Analysis: Exploring the Improvements and New Features
June 19, 2024 By administrador

iOS 18 Analysis: Exploring the Improvements and New Features

Undoubtedly, one of the most exciting aspects of owning an Apple device is the arrival of a new operating system update. Each brings a host of innovations and improvements that make it feel like a new device in our hands. And that’s exactly what happens with iOS 18. In this iOS 18 Analysis, we’ll delve into the updates of this release, a clear showcase of Apple’s commitment to innovation and enhancing user experience.

Customization and Interface

From the first glance, you can notice the differences in iOS 18 in terms of customization and interface appearance. This operating system allows you to place apps and widgets anywhere on your home screen, including the Dock. Contrast this with iOS 17, which introduced improvements with contact posters and a new typography, but nothing compares to the customization freedom now offered.


Regarding communication, iOS 18 makes a huge leap, allowing us to send messages via satellite in areas without mobile coverage or Wi-Fi. It also adds new text effects in ‘Messages’ and enhances ‘Mail’ with automation to organize your inbox. In comparison, iOS 17 introduced real-time transcription and the ‘Check in’ feature for location sharing, significant advancements at the time but overshadowed by iOS 18’s innovations.


For photography enthusiasts, iOS 18 also brings innovations compared to its predecessor. The Photos app is more accessible with a simplified interface and new smart collections, allowing you to organize and quickly access your favorite images.

Apple Intelligence: AI Revolution

A key factor in this update is the introduction of Apple Intelligence. This new system uses generative models to offer personalized information and experiences, adapting to user context while maintaining a strong focus on privacy.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are fundamental factors for Apple, showing significant advancements in iOS 18 compared to iOS 17. This includes new functions to manage privacy, such as the ability to hide and block apps, and control which contacts are shared within an app.

Additional Features

Finally, Safari and AirPods offer a better experience in iOS 18. Safari is optimized with performance and privacy improvements, while AirPods offer new interactions with Siri. Additionally, an optimized Gaming Mode is implemented for a smoother gaming experience.


In summary, is it worth upgrading to iOS 18? Definitely yes. Not only for its improved aesthetics and customization freedom but also for the major innovations in communication, photos, security, and additional features. Not to mention the introduction of Apple Intelligence promising to revolutionize how we interact with our device.

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What new features does iOS 18 bring? iOS 18 introduces advanced interface customization, the ability to send messages via satellite without coverage, and the introduction of Apple Intelligence.

Which Apple devices are compatible with iOS 18? All iPhones from iPhone 6s onwards are compatible with iOS 18, as well as the seventh-generation iPod touch.

How can I update my iPhone to iOS 18? Go to “Settings,” then select “General,” and then “Software Update.” Here you can see if you have a pending update and start the process.

Does iOS 18 cover the same apps as iOS 17? Yes, iOS 18 not only covers the same apps as its predecessor but also improves on them and introduces new applications and functionalities.

What are the differences between iOS 17 and iOS 18? There are several differences between both operating systems in terms of interface customization, communication, photography functions, security, and additional features.