Apple Event: Everything You Need to Know
April 23, 2024 By administrador

Apple Event: Everything You Need to Know

Apple, the globally recognized tech giant known for its revolutionary and coveted products, has once again captured the spotlight after announcing its Apple event for May 7, 2024. As usual, Apple has kept tight-lipped about what they have in store for this event, sparking a wave of rumors and expectations among tech enthusiasts.

Rumors about the new Tablet: Will we see new Apple iPads?

One of the strongest rumors is the possible unveiling of new Apple iPads, and we’re not just talking about one model. It’s likely we’ll see updated versions of the iPad Air and the 11-inch iPad Pro, possibly named as the iPad Air and iPad 11. The iPad rumors are mainly based on Apple’s regular updates to these devices and recent changes in their component supply.

Of course, these are just rumors for now, and it’s impossible to confirm whether we’ll actually see these devices until Apple decides to reveal them at their event.

iOS 18: Software overhaul on the horizon?

Another possibility being speculated is the unveiling of the new iOS 18 operating system. Apple has the habit of showcasing advancements in their operating systems at these events, and it’s very likely we’ll learn details about this on the May 7th date. It would be exciting to see what innovations and improvements the company offers in this regard.

iPhone SE 3rd generation? Marc Gurman’s view

Some media outlets and experts, like Bloomberg’s Marc Gurman, consider it “unlikely” that we’ll see the third-generation iPhone SE at this event. Still, we should remember this is an Apple event, and they often surprise us with unexpected announcements.

How and where to watch the event

Don’t miss the chance to follow this live tech news space. The event will be streamed on Apple’s website and through the Apple TV app.

Beyond the rumors and expectations

As we approach the date of this major event, rumors gain traction, and expectations rise. Whatever reality lies behind Apple’s event, there’s no doubt it will be thrilling for all brand followers. Don’t forget to check for the latest information, and remember you can always find all Apple products at the best prices there.


Are there rumors about a new iPad model for Apple’s 2024 event?

Yes, it’s rumored that new models of the iPad Air and the 11-inch iPad Pro could be presented.

Will the new iOS 18 operating system be presented at the event?

Although Apple hasn’t confirmed anything, the company usually presents advancements of its new operating system at these events.

Will we see the third-generation iPhone SE at this event?

Expert Marc Gurman from Bloomberg considers the introduction of this model at the event “unlikely.”

Where can I watch the event live?

The event will be livestreamed on Apple’s website and through the Apple TV app.

Where can I buy the new Apple products?

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