Comparison Between M3 vs M4
June 5, 2024 By administrador

Comparison Between M3 vs M4

In a world where innovation and technology advance rapidly, Apple keeps pace. Recently, they released the M4 chip in the iPad Pro model, succeeding the prestigious M3 chip we’ve seen in various Macs and iPads. Both chips are notable examples of performance and innovation excellence, offering impressive results. However, as expected, there are some key differences between these two worth highlighting. M3 or M4? Join us and find out in this comprehensive comparison between M3 and M4.

CPU Performance: M3 vs M4 Chip

In the microprocessor universe, the number and type of cores can make a significant difference in performance. For the M3 and M4 chips, we find some differences: while the M3 chip has a total of 8 cores, divided into 4 performance and 4 efficiency cores, the M4 chip can have 9 or 10 cores, with 3 or 4 for high performance and the rest for high efficiency.

Comparing M3 vs M4 performance, we find that the M4 chip can deliver up to 15% faster CPU performance than the M3. It’s also worth mentioning that the M4 chip takes the crown in Machine Learning performance, being up to twice as fast as the M3 chip.

Head-to-Head Graphics: GPU Performance

Regarding graphics capability, it might seem like a tie. Both the M3 and M4 have 10 GPU cores. However, analyzing M3 vs M4 GPU performance, we notice an advantage for the M4 chip, offering up to 30% more graphic performance compared to the M3.

M4 Chip: A Step Beyond in Manufacturing

An important distinction is found in the M4 chip’s manufacturing. It is developed under a second-generation 5nm process, allowing for greater energy efficiency and superior performance compared to the first-generation 5nm process of its predecessor, the M3.

M3 vs M4 Specifications: Which is Better for You?

Deciding between the M3 and M4 largely depends on your particular requirements and budget. If you need maximum performance for demanding tasks like video editing and game development, the new Apple M4 chip is your best choice. However, if you want to maximize your investment without sacrificing much performance, the M3 chip remains a solid option.

M3 vs M4 Comparison Table

To ease the decision, we’ve created a comparison table with the most noteworthy features of both chips:

CPU Cores8 (4 performance, 4 efficiency)9 or 10 (3 or 4 performance, 6 efficiency)
CPU PerformanceUp to 15%
Machine Learning Performance18 TOPS38 TOPS
GPU Cores1010
GPU PerformanceUp to 30%
Manufacturing Process5nmSecond-generation 5nm

Green is M4, but Mature is M3

The M3 chip has proven to be a high-quality chip, but it’s clear that the M4 has attributes that position it a step ahead. Still, the final choice between these two performance giants will depend on your needs and the value you want to get for your investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the M4 chip much more expensive than the M3? The price difference is not significant, and the M4 chip offers great value for its superior performance.

Does the M4 outperform the M3 in all tasks? It depends on the task. For jobs like video editing, gaming, or machine learning, the difference is notable. In simpler tasks, the difference may not be as noticeable.

Do devices with the M4 chip last longer than those with the M3? Theoretically, yes. The advanced manufacturing process of the M4 could ensure a longer lifespan.

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