WWDC24: Confirmed Date and Rumors of Novelties.
April 3, 2024 By administrador

WWDC24: Confirmed Date and Rumors of Novelties.

Apple has solidified itself over the years as a giant in consumer technology, its constant goal to break barriers and challenge limits has paved a path of constant innovation. Tech enthusiasts eagerly await the Apple WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) each year where the most cutting-edge techniques, impressive novelties, and major advancements in their products are unveiled. Among the expectations this year, the spotlight is on WWDC24 AI and the possible innovations that Apple may bring in that regard.

WWDC 2024 promises improvements in Siri, innovations in Apple’s AI, and rumors of AI applications for health. So, what novelties can we expect from this conference?

Apple Announces WWDC24

Apple has confirmed that WWDC24 will take place from June 10 to 14, 2024. This year, in addition to the possibility of attending for free online, the tech mega-corporation will offer in-person attendance at an exclusive event at Apple Park.

New Release: Operating Systems

It is expected that during WWDC 2024, Apple will present the latest versions of its operating system: iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS 13, watchOS 9, and tvOS 17. A breath of fresh life for the devices that users carry with them every day.

Siri: Intellectually Enhanced

Improvements to Siri are one of the major expectations for Apple’s developer conference. The goal is for Siri to develop a deeper understanding of natural language, allowing for more complex and fluid conversations. Additionally, there are rumors of a more personalized integration of Siri with other Apple applications and services.

Game-Changing: Large Language Models

It is anticipated that Apple will introduce new large language models (LLMs) that could surpass the capabilities of the current ones. The LLMs could bring significant improvements to Siri, be empowered to translate languages, generate creative content, among other abilities.

AI in Health: A Rumor with a Bright Future

The persistent rumor is that Apple continues to work on developing AI applications for healthcare. Such applications could detect diseases, assist in drug development, and utilize data from the Apple Watch and other devices to monitor users’ health.

AI for Developers: Greater Efficiency, Less Workload

Apple might unveil AI tools that assist developers in building applications more efficiently. These potential tools would automate repetitive tasks and generate code automatically.


While there are no official statements about the rumors, WWDC24 definitely promises to offer advancements and novelties in Artificial Intelligence technology by Apple. With the improvement of Siri as a forefront, it is expected that Apple will continue its path of constant innovation, providing users with new ways to interact with technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Siri become smarter at WWDC 2024?

It is rumored that Siri will have a greater understanding of natural language and will be integrating with other Apple applications and services.

What new AI features might Apple announce?

There is speculation that Apple will announce new language models (LLMs), improvements for Siri, and possibly AI applications for healthcare.

Can AI assist developers at WWDC?

If the rumors are true, Apple could release AI tools that would help developers automate tasks and generate code.

Is Apple working on AI for health?

While it’s a rumor, the possibility of Apple working on AI applications for healthcare is high. These applications could use data from the Apple Watch and other devices to monitor users’ health.

What is expected from Apple’s AI conference?

The introduction of the new versions of Apple’s operating systems and possible innovations and improvements in Apple’s AI are expected.

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