New iPads 2024: A Technological Revolution
May 8, 2024 By administrador

New iPads 2024: A Technological Revolution

During the highly anticipated Apple event on May 7th, technology enthusiasts were on the edge of their seats as the brand unveiled its latest innovations. It was at this event that Apple introduced the new iPads set to change the way we interact with technology: the iPad Pro with M4 chip, the completely redesigned iPad Air in two sizes, and the new Apple Pencil Pro.

Each of these products is a technological marvel on its own, but together they represent a revolution. The iPad Pro M4, with the unexpected M4 chip and its incredibly light design, sets new standards for what a mobile device can achieve. On the other hand, the redesigned iPad Air provides flexible options with two different sizes, while the Apple Pencil Pro offers new possibilities for creatives.

In the following lines, we will explore these exciting Apple innovations in more depth and what they could mean for the future of technology. Join us on this exciting technological journey!

iPad Pro 2024: A Technological Leap

The New iPad Pro unveiled at the Apple event on May 7, 2024, has surprised all technology enthusiasts, leaving us eager to purchase the iPad Pro. Equipped with Apple’s powerful M4 chip and a memory capacity of up to 1 terabyte, this device promises an unprecedented user experience.

The iPad Pro 2024 offers two sizes, 11 and 13 inches, undoubtedly catering to diverse lifestyles and user needs. Additionally, the new iPad supports the New Apple Pencil Pro, an essential accessory for creatives or those who appreciate millimeter precision.

Features of the iPad Pro 2024: Innovation at Your Fingertips

The iPad Pro 2024 is not only a more powerful device but also more intuitive and user-friendly. With an M4 chip, this gadget seamlessly handles multitasking, demanding applications, and graphically stunning games. This, coupled with 8GB of RAM, contributes to performance agility, significantly increasing efficiency in any task.

Furthermore, if you are a photography enthusiast or work with it, the iPad Pro 13 comes with a 12-megapixel rear camera and 4K video recording capability at 60 fps, a delight for creatives.

iPad Air 2024: Lightness and Power in One Device

The New iPad Air, meanwhile, presents a reinvention, incorporating sizes of 11 inches and 13 inches. Like the iPad Pro 2024, this device offers storage ranging from 128GB to 1TB, along with the efficiency of Apple’s M2 chip.

Features of the iPad Air 2024

One of the main features that distinguishes the iPad Air 2024 is its incredible lightness. Whether you choose the 11 or 13-inch model, both have been designed to maximize portability without sacrificing performance. Additionally, the New iPad Air 2024 is powered by Apple’s M2 chip, promising exceptional performance and energy efficiency.

Regarding storage, the iPad Air 2024 offers a versatile range of options to suit your needs. You can choose from 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and up to 1TB.

In terms of design, the iPad Air 2024 does not disappoint. This device comes in a variety of sophisticated colors, including blue, purple, star white, and space gray.

Finally, and perhaps one of the most notable changes, is the new operating system it incorporates. With iPadOS 17, Apple takes the iPad experience to a new level. This version enhances multitasking, offers greater customization, and proposes new ways to use the Apple Pencil.

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New Apple Pencil Pro: The Touch of Precision

The New Apple Pencil Pro will mark a before and after in the way you interact with your device. This accessory, compatible with both iPads, offers unparalleled millimeter precision. Its ability to switch between tools with a simple gesture and its tilt detection will allow you to play with shadows and effects with incredible ease.

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In Conclusion

This new generation of iPads presents an impressive technological revolution. Whether you are thinking of buying the iPad Pro 2024 or reserving the iPad Pro 2024, at the online store, you can find the offer of the iPad Pro 2024 and Apple’s latest innovations, all at an incredible price.

Of course, these are just some highlights of what these powerful devices offer. In future blog entries, we will delve further into the unique features and capabilities of each of Apple’s new releases. Don’t miss out!


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What features does the iPad Pro 2024 have? The iPad Pro 2024 is distinguished by its M4 Chip, 12MP rear camera, 4K video recording capability at 60 fps, and support for the Apple Pencil Pro.

What is the new Apple Pencil Pro like? The Apple Pencil Pro offers millimeter precision and can easily switch between tools with a simple gesture.

When can I buy the iPad Air 2024? You will be able to buy the iPad Air 2024 as soon as it is available at

What are the features of the iPad Air 2024? The iPad Air 2024 is distinguished by its variety of storage options, 8-core CPU, 10-core GPU, and compatibility with the New Apple Pencil Pro.