The Best AI Apps for iPhone in 2024
July 1, 2024 By administrador

The Best AI Apps for iPhone in 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the world of mobile apps, and iPhones are no exception. Thanks to the integration of advanced technologies, iPhone users can now enjoy a wide variety of apps that leverage the power of AI to offer innovative and useful features. From tools that enhance productivity to those that boost creativity and assist with daily tasks, these apps are designed to significantly improve the user experience.

In this article, we present some of the best AI apps for iPhone in 2024, categorized by their area of focus. We will explore how each of these apps can transform the way you use your iPhone, making your life easier, more efficient, and more creative.

AI for Productivity

Microsoft Copilot: The Ultimate Code Assistant

Are you into programming? Then, Microsoft Copilot is an essential tool. This AI-powered code assistant helps you write code faster and with fewer errors. Imagine having a programming companion that suggests lines of code and corrects you on the go. With Microsoft Copilot, you can do that.

Descript: AI-Powered Transcription and Audio Editing

Another gem in the productivity world is Descript. This app accurately converts your voice into text and allows you to edit audio files with ease. If you often work with podcasts, interviews, or any type of audio content, Descript will become your best friend. Its advanced AI will save you hours of manual work.

Notion: Intelligent Task Management and Organization

Notion is the notes and task management tool we all need. It uses AI to suggest actions, organize your information, and help you be more productive. From creating task lists to planning complex projects, Notion has everything you need to stay on track.

AI for Creativity

Picsart AI: Next-Level Photo and Video Editing

If you love photography and videos, Picsart AI is the app you can’t miss on your iPhone. This powerful editing tool uses AI to offer features like background removal, image enhancement, and collage creation. Even if you’re not an editing expert, Picsart AI will make you feel like a professional.

Runway ML: AI-Powered Content Creation

Ever wanted to generate images, videos, or music from your mobile? Runway ML lets you do that using AI. It’s like having a content creation studio in your pocket. Experiment with different ideas and see how AI transforms your concepts into reality.

Leonardo AI: Instant Text-to-Image

Leonardo AI is a fascinating app that turns text into images. Just describe what you want, and the AI will do the rest. Whether for creative projects, presentations, or just for fun, Leonardo AI is incredibly useful.

AI for Assistance

Google Assistant: Your Multifunctional Personal Assistant

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant that can help you with a variety of daily tasks. From setting alarms, making calls, sending text messages to getting information about the weather or traffic. It’s like having a personal secretary always at your disposal.

Siri: Control Your iPhone with Voice

We can’t talk about virtual assistants without mentioning Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant. With Siri, you can control your iPhone using just your voice. Ask questions, get directions, send messages, and much more without lifting a finger.

Scanner Pro: AI-Powered Document Scanning

Scanner Pro turns your iPhone into a portable scanner. It uses AI to recognize text, extract information, and create high-quality PDF files. Ideal for students, professionals, and anyone who needs to quickly digitize documents.

Other AI Apps

Rask AI: Real-Time Translation

Do you travel frequently or talk to people from different parts of the world? Rask AI is a language translator that uses AI to translate conversations in real-time. Even if more than one person is speaking, Rask AI can handle it smoothly.

Seeing AI: Assistance for People with Visual Disabilities

Developed by Microsoft, Seeing AI is an app that uses AI to narrate the world to people with visual disabilities. From reading text to describing objects and people, Seeing AI is an invaluable tool for accessibility.

BeReal: Authentic Social Network

BeReal is a social network that promotes authenticity. It encourages you to share photos of your daily life without filters or edits. It uses AI to detect edited photos and promote authenticity. If you’re tired of artificial social networks, BeReal is for you.


Artificial intelligence is changing the way we interact with our iPhones. From boosting our productivity and creativity to offering personalized assistance and accessibility, AI apps are here to improve our lives. Don’t hesitate to explore the App Store and try different apps to find the ones that best suit you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best AI apps for iPhone in 2024? The best AI apps for iPhone in 2024 include Microsoft Copilot, Descript, Notion, Picsart AI, Runway ML, Leonardo AI, Google Assistant, Siri, Scanner Pro, Rask AI, Seeing AI, and BeReal.

How can AI improve my productivity on the iPhone? Apps like Microsoft Copilot, Descript, and Notion use AI to automate tasks, provide intelligent suggestions, and organize your information, helping you be more efficient and productive.

What AI apps can help me with creativity? Picsart AI, Runway ML, and Leonardo AI are excellent for boosting your creativity, allowing you to edit photos and videos, generate content, and create images from text descriptions.

Are there AI apps for personal assistance? Yes, Google Assistant and Siri are two virtual assistants that use AI to help you with various daily tasks, from sending messages to obtaining information.

What should I consider before downloading an AI app? It is important to read reviews from other users, watch demo videos, try free versions, and pay attention to the permissions the app requests.